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Feet On Table

by Danielle Moore on January 3, 2014

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Some of the best sex happens when you least expect it, especially when you add the risk of getting caught into the mix by having family members living with you. Today’s post is about spontaneous footjobs that derive from innocent moments like watching TV with your wife.

Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching TV with your wife and for some unexplained reason you notice that her feet are up on the coffee table? The sight of her exposed feet instantly turn you on and you try to look away and fight the urge but the more you do, the more you want them.  Your wife then takes notice and responds playfully by wiggling her toes and maybe dangling her slipper.  She’s teasing you now and the excitement builds to an unbearable amount of anticipation of what might happen next.  You look around and there is no one in sight, you remember that your children are upstairs behind a closed door so you go for it.  You reach out and touch her feet and she responds positively and then before you know it, you are receiving an incredible foot job that is heightened by the risk of getting caught.   AND then it happens, you hear foot steps up stairs and your playtime is quickly over.

In situations like this, it’s over before it began but on the positive side, its great foreplay for when the two of you are alone.  Sammi and James shared a similar story with us and we thought it was worth sharing with you.  I think the moral of the story is to keep your sex lives spontaneous and enjoy each other whenever and wherever you can.  For the Full photo set, click the image below or click here.


How could you watch TV with feet like this on your table?


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